Beds Beds and More Beds

Pixel Powers adds an insane amount of beds for both your earth and sky homes.

There are 2 base beds one for earth and one for sky; Now you could just craft these and sleep in them, but that's no fun and if you have the wool why not put it to a decorative use.

There are 47 different bed spreads but that's not all, it adds up to be (Earth bed base and their 47 spreads, Cloud bed base and their 47 spreads) That's a total of 96 unique beds.


Cloud Bed

  • Cloud beds may only be placed on cloud blocks.

Earth Bed

  • Earth beds may only be placed on earth blocks.

Bed Spreads

The first 15 spreads are the colors of wool (black excluded) The rest consist of a base color similar to the wool with most of them having a cutie mark of popular ponies from the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

For reference here is a list of whats on the spreads in order as follows. Craft SpreadsGuide

  • 16=Octavia
  • 17=Big Mac
  • 18=Parasprite
  • 19=Dr. Whooves
  • 20=Trixie
  • 21=Twilight Sparkle
  • 22=Lyra Heartstrings
  • 23=Vinyl Scratch / DJ Pon3
  • 24=Zecora
  • 25=Pinkie Pie
  • 26=Granny Smith
  • 27=Fluttershy
  • 28=Rainbow Dash
  • 29=Cheerilee
  • 30=Apple Jack
  • 31=Rarity
  • 32=Princess Luna
  • 33=Cutie Mark Crusaders Logo
  • 34=Gummy Head
  • 35=Daring Doo
  • 36=Wonder Bolts Logo
  • 37=Spike Head
  • 38=Medley
  • 39=Fleur de Lis
  • 40=Derpy
  • 41=Aloe
  • 42=Merry May
  • 43=Bon Bon
  • 44=Lotus
  • 45=Berry Punch
  • 46=Flim & Flam
  • 47=Princess Celestia

Additional info

See Crafting Recipes for guides on crafting beds and spreads.